Scopri Madcap

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by Comaneci

Format: cd
Price: 13 €

It was year 2009 when You a lie came out, debut album with Madcap for Comaneci.
Since then, the band played nearly 300 live dates in Italy, Europe and United States, sharing the stage with Andrea Rottin (Madcap), Mattia Coletti, Larry Yes and the tangled mess and many others.
To value the album over the  intensive live activity there is the soundtrack for the movie “AcciaioStefano Mordini, the music for a TV commercial for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the program “Gymnasts: parallel lives” of MTV and various national and local radio shows.

December 9th is the release date for UH!,  a record that once again raises the bar that Comaneci is still jumping with agility.
If “You a lie” consecrated and perfected “their” sound, UH! goes further and introduces a news sound, combining and rearranging the two interpreters, Francesca and Glauco, whose understanding and complicity made them become one of the most popular live bands on the Italian music scene.


  1. grasshopper
  2. I saw
  3. let them burn
  4. the fall
  5. When we came the frog started talking
  6. democracy
  7. The Easiest Way
  8. green lizard
  9. flesh
  10. as a spider


Recorded, mixed and produced by Mattia Dallara
Mastered by Thomas Salvador
Studio Zero Luggage 2012

Artwork by Allyson Mellberg and Jeremy Seth Taylor

Other artists involved:
vittoria burattini (drums)
andrea martinelli (baritone saxhorn)
vincenzo vitullo (trombone)
giuseppe lastella (trombone)
massi aquilano (baritone saxophone)
anna porta (playback alto saxophone)
gabriella summa (alto saxophone)
barbara maghini (flute)